The Foundation has made a grant to fund an academic project at the Department of Social Psychology at the London School of Economics (LSE) to research how the corporate culture of companies affects their long-term success.

LSE Corporate Culture Project

The project, which is expected to extend over a number of years, looks to assess corporate culture using entirely “external” data sources without the need for intrusive activities, such as extensive surveying of company employees.

Having begun with a systematic review of the existing academic literature on the relationship between corporate culture and performance, the team at the LSE developed an analytical framework to conduct analysis of ten individual company case studies. Currently, work is ongoing to refine this framework into a fully developed tool called the Unobtrusive Corporate Culture Analysis Tool (UCCAT). Through the course of 2018, further detailed data collection and longitudinal analysis will be focused on up to 100 companies.

This additional work will allow further assessment of UCCAT’s effectiveness in measuring an array of aspects of corporate culture and how these aspects evolve over time. In addition, the study will investigate the predictive capability of UCCAT on a variety of financial and business outcomes for companies. An ultimate objective is that the UCCAT will become a comprehensive external framework for assessing corporate culture.

The results of this research project, which we think could substantively advance the understanding of corporate culture, are to be submitted as papers for publication in 2019, to the leading academic journals in the field.

To read more about this innovative project, please click here. The latest update from the London School of Economics team can also be found on their Psychology@LSE blog.