The AKO Foundation was founded by Nicolai Tangen, the CEO of AKO Capital, in April 2013.

About the Foundation

Its primary focus is the making of grants to projects which improve education or promote the arts. Since its inception, and including donations received to date in 2019, the AKO Foundation (“the Foundation”) has been funded with a total income of over £150 million.

Increasingly, the Foundation aims to help start up, and be the catalyst for, new charitable projects which otherwise could not have been realised and there are many examples of such projects included on this site. The Foundation also takes pride in having a very lean structure so that it can make fast decisions.

The relationship between the Foundation and the entities supported is increasingly assisted by the analyst team at AKO Capital. From the perspective of the Foundation, the application of the analyst team’s business analysis skills is valuable and provides a more professional and value-added interface between the Foundation and the entities supported. For the analyst team it leads to greater pride in AKO Capital, a more holistic view on life and greater humility; a key success factor in the investment management industry.

The ambition is for the Foundation to become the best run foundation in Europe within three years. In this context, “best run” entails analytical rigour; leverage and effect from grants; simplicity and cost effectiveness; speed of action; and transparency. The trustees will have the same demands and ambition for the Foundation as Nicolai does for AKO Capital.

Mirroring the long term thinking and investment strategy of AKO Capital, the Foundation values long-term and continuing relationships and will often provide support to these entities over a number of years.

The Foundation does not seek applications for grants and will generally not make grants in response to unsolicited applications received.

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